We, citizens of the world, call on our leaders to collectively build low-carbon cities and designing inclusive public policies that allow in the public, private sector and citizens to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to mitigate climate change and have more sustainable cities. We hereby invite all stakeholders to declare their support for the collaborative work to deal with the impending challenges that runaway climate change holds for human society in the 21st century. This declaration invites you to join and build collective solutions to the challenges of climate change across all geographical, cultural, social or ethnical contexts.


We join our voice to:

1. Intensify awareness and education about Climate Change.

2. Emphasize the importance of social as well as technological innovation.

3. Foster the participation of all stakeholders in creating urban change.

4. Foster biological and social diversity in our cities.

5. Finance post-carbon transition and divest public assets away from fossil fuels.

6. Shift towards renewable and clean forms of energy generation.

7. Prioritize sustainable and low carbon forms of urban transport.

8. Build a circular economy and improve urban waste management.

9. Integrate urban agriculture into the layout of our cities.

10. Measure, monitor and report on climate change issues.