Nowadays, it’s undeniable that most of the world’s population lives in the urban environment, and Brazil does not differ from that global trend. Last statistics show that Brazil’s tax of urbanization was 84 percent (IBGE, 2010), and the number only tends to grow.

That urbanization process results in the creation of extremely modified areas, with different characteristics that existed before. Because of that, urban forestry seems to be a necessary element in this new urban’s scenery, not only in an aesthetic way. For example, studies have shown that vegetation is associated with the reduction of air pollutants, diminution of the heat islands and even psychological benefits for the community’s citizens.

“Maracanã e suas Árvores” is mainly about making the population aware of the importance of urban forestry. Our mission is to overcome the lack of knowledge presented in society by showing them the importance of vegetation in urban centers. In 2015, we started the project’s research and in 2017 developed and launched the mobile App. With the App, I received 6 important awards at programs and science fairs. In special the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, the United States’ largest youth recognition program based exclusively on volunteer community service. I was chosen as a finalist for Brazil’s edition in 2017 and received the Third place medal.


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