We are a citizen-led global movement building
collective solutions to tackle climate change
in the urban context.


We use creative, participatory,
and artistic tools to create
climate friendly lifestyles


We connect citizens and experts
to exchange knowledge and
create solutions.




We use creative, participatory, and artistic tools to create climate friendly lifestyles.


We connect citizens and experts to exchange knowledge and create solutions.


We implement solutions with local communities creating tools for advocacy and we build EcoDistricts.



"I am very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the Low Carbon City. This type of citizen-led movement brings freshness and creativity to this essential issue and international agenda. And with great graphic communications and use of technology, it has laid a great foundation for a dynamic future."

Bronwen ThorntonDevelopment Director, Walk21

“The Low Carbon City Forum was a great event for me to connect with people from many places and fields who care deeply about cities and our environment. I believe that how cities grow and develop in the coming decades will determine how well we address global health, development and sustainability challenges. Working together across disciplines is key to shaping cities that promote the flourishing of people and the planet.”

Thomas Matte MD MPHVice President for Environmental Health, Vital Strategies

“The Low Carbon City Forum and the UNMGCY have shared the path up to Quito, especially around environmental and health aspect of New Urban Agenda. The forum has provided an interactive space, such as serious of Hangout, which enables diverse stakeholders exchanged their ideas and cultivated their own knowledge. We hope that the LCCF continues to be a hub for those who are concerned about environment and health in cities, especially in the process of implementation and follow up of NUA.”

Hirotaka KoikeDeputy Organising Partner, Habitat III Working Group UN Major Group for Children & Youth

“Successful cities of the future will be cities with sustainable transport systems – not only low carbon, sustainable in economic, social and environmental sense. I like the ambitions and efforts of ‘Low Carbon City Forum’ to integrate sustainable transport and mobility – including cycling, as the New Urban Agenda of Habitat III does - in the holistic view on cities for the future we all want.”

Dr Bernhard EnsinkSecretary General of ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) and WCA (World Cycling Alliance)

"I was pleased to participate in the first Low Carbon City Forum. I share the commitment and vision of the organizers and participants to build low carbon, livable cities. I was particularly impressed with the diversity of speakers present and the wide participation from local residents. I believe it is very important for the low carbon city messages to reach local populations if we are to see any sustainable changes. The LCCF is, therefore, a particularly important mechanism for sharing knowledge and supporting the capacity of local change makers in Latin America."

Kristie DanielProgram Director, Livable Cities, HealthBridge


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ambassador cities
foros, workshops and tactical urbanism.


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